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Search Is An Emergency!

A man with Alzheimer's wanders away from home, a hunter or hiker is missing; a group of school children are stranded in a flood... Search and rescue is a lifesaving vocation. The ability to save a life is often dependent upon how quickly the person can be found and accessed. Exposure to the elements is the #1 killer for lost subjects. The missing person's survival may rest on timely response from well-equipped, well-trained search and rescue professionals.

"To Serve So Others Can Live"

Professionals in search command, ground search, K-9 search, water search, confined space and ropes rescue, the Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey consists of various volunteer search and rescue teams in the State of New Jersey and surrounding area. These teams offer different types of search resources including Search Management & Planning, Ground Searchers, and Canines (Air Scenting, Tracking/Trailing, Human Remain Detection).

If you suspect that someone is lost, call 9-1-1 or your local police department.

Council Wide Call-Out System

The Council provides a state wide call-out system dispatched through Hunterdon County Communications. Law enforcement and other emergency service agencies in need of Search and Rescue support should call Hunterdon County Communications at 908-782-0911. Resource coordinators will relay search calls to the respective team(s) in the given area.

Non-Emergency and general inquiries:
Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey
PO Box 397
Fanwood, NJ 07023